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Interim and Crisis management

Financial performances declining? Some departments ineffective? Reduced energy and growing de-motivation? Family’s next generation taking over? Company’s strategy unclear? Are your people rumouring and complaining? Growing too fast? Not feeling fully in control? You may need a qualified diagnosis of the company’s blockages. Read more


We provide a number of services related to performance improvement. Key words are Crisis management, Business Strategy, Interim management, Transition & Change management, Coaching & Support, Agribusiness, Project management. Read more

Clients & Projects

Most of our clients have their roots in the Agri-business, where the food chain originates. Innovation is key to success for them. Understanding the consumer needs is also crucial to satisfy the whole business chain. In particular, we work with medium sized companies, often family owned. We also have the experience to manage projects in large and complex organizations. Read more

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About Us

At Beraca we believe a company has the duty to deliver its best, and like an organism it is expected to act as a perfectly tuned machine. To deliver results, all the elements of the organism have to work together in an harmonic and effective way.